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About Sahaja Online

Sahaja Online brings the unique practice of Sahaja meditation to you. Practiced globally for over five decades, this energy-based meditation is now available anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Created by experienced Sahaja practitioners, Sahaja Online is always free, including meditation programs, coaching, and guidance. Through teaching others how to meditate and achieve a sense of higher purpose, the instructors and coaches of Sahaja Online get to share their passion of making the world a more peaceful place.

The world we live in today is changing rapidly, so rapidly, in fact, that it can be difficult to balance all the facets of our lives. At the very least, we must juggle our personal and professional lives, and our innate needs for fulfillment, self-exploration and self-growth. Of all these facets, the most enigmatic and “unscheduled” — or often, even ignored — is the discovery and understanding of our personal inner self, our true identity.

Who are we, really? Why have we been gifted, for a lifetime, this powerful consciousness within? What should we do with this gift? How do we use it to create purposeful,meaningful lives?

If you are a true spiritual seeker, these questions will present themselves at some point in your life; chances are, since you’re reading this, they already have.

At its core, the journey of spirituality and meditation is the discovery of our inner self and the subtlest aspects of human life. Ultimately, it involves seeking the knowledge of the eternal.

Today, we telecommute to work, we buy whatever we need online, and exchange social messages to people across the world in a matter of seconds. Practically everything we need is only a few clicks away. So, too, should the journey of self-discovery be easily accessible to us, so that it does not become a lost facet of the human existence.

The goal of this website is to deliver the knowledge and experience of meditation and spirituality straight to your home and electronic devices. With minimal effort, you can learn and practice meditation at your own pace whenever you choose.

But Sahaja Online is so much more than that…

Its core missions are to:

1) deliver truths about the highest pursuits in life, knowledge that’s been researched and documented in ancient scriptures for thousands of years, directly to you;

2) provide the tangible experience of spirituality, yoga, meditation and enlightenment, in the privacy of your own home or office. And without paying a penny for this knowledge and experience, ever.

About the creators and meditation instructors

Sahaja Online was created by a team of distinguished professionals from different walks of life, cultures, and ethnicity, but all with one common passion: the practice of meditation and the pursuit of self-discovery. Each is a respected expert in meditation, as well as in their professional lives. And all share an insatiable thirst for helping as many Americans as possible embark upon their own journey of self-discovery in a manner that’s easy to understand and learn. They all share unbounded joy in enabling others to transform their lives through their own individual practice of meditation.

This site has developed exclusively through personal financial resources of the team involved. We do not accept sponsorship or donations of any kind from any organization, nor are we beholden to any organization. Sahaja Online is the culmination of several years of interviews, thoughtful discussions, instructor experience, and research and development in the arena of meditation and spirituality; specifically, in Sahaja meditation techniques, which were developed by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, a renowned Indian spiritual leader. Her goal was to simplify the difficult meditation techniques of ancient mystics in order to make meditation easily and quickly accessible to everyone.

Thank you for exploring Sahaja Online.

Meditation Instructors

David Dunphy

David is an architect, husband and father of two, and longtime Sahaja meditation practitioner.Dedicated to the practice of Sahaja, David now enjoys sharing the timeless techniques of Sahaja meditation, empowering others to achieve a rich inner life full of balance, strength, and compassion.

Louisa Upadhya

An enthusiastic coach in the fields of health and wellness, reading, and Sahaja, Louisa is a New Yorker who now lives in Florida. She discovered Sahaja over fifteen years ago and was fascinated by what it could offer to her life and the world at large. It inspired her to take up coaching as a way to transform people's lives in as many ways as possible.

Rajinee Jeffers

Rajinee has been practicing Sahaja for the past 7 years. Sahaja has enabled her to see the beauty in everything and everyone. Rajinee has a degree in Psychology and when she discovered Sahaja, she appreciated the integration emotional, psychological, and spiritual well-being through this meditation practice. Sahaja is the foundation on which a strong, physical, emotional, and spiritual self can be built. Rajinee was born in Guyana, grew up in Suriname and moved to Canada when she was 14. She now lives in Regina, Saskatchewan, with her family. She enjoys spending time with her family, road trips and long walks in nature.

Melanie Pandit

With over 22 years of experience in Sahaja practice, Melanie brings a fresh approach to teaching, sharing the techniques that led her to discover the energy within, which is of importance amidst today’s busy lifestyles.

Dr. Ashish Pradhan

Expert Sahaja instructor and accomplished physician, Ashish Pradhanlearned Sahaja concepts directly from the founder of Sahaja. Ashish has been keenly involved in Sahaja public programs and medical conferences in India, Europe, Canada, and the United States.

Mar'yana Svarnyk

As a Sahaja practitioner for over 10 years, Mar’yana teaches Sahaja meditation in a variety of settings. With an undergraduate degree in philosophy, Mar’yana traveled to Canada to pursue her graduate studies where she is now completing a PhD in philosophy.

Frequently Asked Questions

About the practice, benefits and what to expect

About Sahaja meditation

What is Sahaja meditation?

An inner-energy-based meditation technique that allows you to explore the depths of your inner self. Sahaja offers all the typical benefits of meditation, but can also extend well beyond typical forms of meditation, as the inner energy system is grounded in spirituality. Sahaja can be a long-term, individual and personally controlled journey of spirituality. Founded in 1970, the Sahaja practice has been tested and proven for well over four decades and is practiced by thousands in many countries across the globe.

Who’s behind the Sahaja organization?

Sahaja is a not-for-profit organization that operates entirely through volunteer donations. There is no “membership” for this organization. Everyone is welcome and donations are voluntary. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi (1923 – 2011) is the founder of the Sahaja organization and originally founded the practice as Sahaja Yoga. In 2008, the offering “Sahaja meditation” was launched in America to avoid confusion since Sahaja Yoga does not involve any techniques commonly thought of today as “yoga” (e.g., stretching and breathing exercises).

How does Sahaja meditation differ from other forms of meditation?

Sahaja meditation acts on your inner, spiritual energy (known as Kundalini) and an intricate system of energy channels (nadis) and energy centers (chakras). The state of thoughtless awareness is unique to Sahaja meditation as it is established on a higher plane of consciousness made possible by the Kundalini energy rising and connecting with the all-pervading cosmic energy or the collective unconscious. Sahaja meditation is not merely a stress relief course. Most other forms of meditation achieve thought reduction or elimination with cognitive focus or mind control at the regular level of consciousness. Sahaja is designed to be integrated into your lifestyle and through long-term practice, come the greatest benefits in all facets of human life — personality and character improvement, health improvements and spiritual advancement. Sahaja meditation differs from other forms of Kundalini yoga in that it can be easily taught en masse to many people and the Kundalini energy is taken up through the central energy channel. The opening of the Sahasrara chakra, as the Kundalini pass through it to connect to the all-pervading energy of the cosmos, is totally unique and possible only through Sahaja meditation. You can also expect to achieve mindfulness — and in fact, greater benefits beyond mindfulness  — by developing vibratory awareness that give you constant feedback and the ability to diagnose the state of your energy centers. Finally, unlike many forms of meditation, Sahaja is always offered completely free of charge.

What exactly happens during the practice of Sahaja meditation?

Your inner energy is awakened and your subtle energy system becomes active. Our instructional videos describe the techniques and what exactly happens during Sahaja meditation.

How long does it take before I begin to experience the benefits of Sahaja meditation?

In the short term, you’ll feel peaceful and relaxed with a few sessions of Sahaja meditation. Thereafter, it may take anywhere between a few weeks to a few months to maintain a sustainable experience of the flow of vibrations — everyone’s experience is different. During this period, you’re likely to see positive changes in yourself such as becoming more patient, feeling less stressed, happier, better balanced, more emotionally stable and less fatigued. Between a few months to a few years, the complete benefits of Sahaja meditation begin to manifest. Typically, people begin to see significant changes in their character and personality and many have also reported improvements in their health over time. Beyond all these benefits, Sahaja can offer you the ultimate spiritual pursuit into your inner self, something that’s impossible to achieve through the typical meditation course. These timelines and the journey itself can vary from person to person, depending on the state of your energy centers, and your own efforts, focus and perseverance.

Is it safe to practice Sahaja meditation?

Yes, absolutely. To date, there are no reports of any side effects or harmful consequences of anyone practicing Sahaja. At Sahaja Online, you awaken your Kundalini energy with guidance by an instructor online and can continue to practice meditation as you wish, with total control over your own practice, whether you’re practicing Sahaja online or alone at home.

Does Sahaja meditation interfere with other types of meditation or yoga practice or meditation?

No, you can continue to practice whatever you’re doing right now and try Sahaja meditation in parallel. However, if you are practicing some other form of Kundalini yoga, you are advised to either continue practicing that or switch to Sahaja meditation. Mixing and matching two forms of Kundalini-energy-based yoga/meditation is not advised.

Can Sahaja meditation help in curing any disorder?

Sahaja is not meant to be a cure for any disorder, or to replace any medical treatment you are currently undergoing. You should continue to follow your doctor’s advice relating to medication or other treatments. Sahaja meditation’s primary goal is to help people adopt meditation as a long-term holistic improvement measure in their lives — physically, cognitively, emotionally and spiritually. Its core purpose is not to act as a healing or cure for any disorder, although it is definitely possible to realize significant health improvements over time with the practice of Sahaja and the scientific literature is reflecting more and more evidence to support that.

Why is Sahaja offered free? Where’s the catch?

Sahaja was designed by our Founder, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi to be completely free to the public. This is because Sahaja uses your own inner energy and your spiritual ascent is entirely yours. Secondly, she felt that something as precious as an individual’s spiritual ascent can never be equated to money. Thirdly, the powerful underlying mission of Sahaja is to slowly but surely propagate peace and positivity in this world by helping people change within themselves. When more people begin practicing Sahaja, we keep moving toward this goal, and our experiences of collective meditation are stronger with larger groups of people. If there’s one thing you can contribute to Sahaja, it is by talking about Sahaja and Sahaja Online to your family, friends and colleagues. Spread the word around and help others change their lives and the lives of others. By encouraging more people to practice Sahaja, you’re also helping us bring a more powerful experience to people joining our meditation sessions.

What challenges will I face? How difficult is it?

There are a few challenges that all Sahaja practitioners typically face:

1. Establishing thoughtless awareness – You’ll find that thoughtless awareness is never consistent. It ranges from a few moments or seconds to a few minutes and is also intermittent and inconsistent. Some ways of tackling this problem are to humble down and surrender yourself to your own inner energy. Cooling your liver down with ice packs can also help stabilize your attention and enhance thoughtless awareness.

2. Establishing your vibratory awareness – Depending on the state of your energy centers, it may take a while for you to begin feeling vibrations. Regular foot soaking and daily meditation, along with clearing techniques explained on this website under the instructional videos can really help in establishing your vibrations sooner.

3. Regularizing your meditation schedule – Many people new to meditation struggle with this. We recommend that you set your alarm clock 15 minutes earlier each day and do your meditation the first thing in the morning. And make a conscious attempt to spend 15 minutes meditating before you go to bed. Once you do this every day for several weeks, you’ll eventually reach a point where not meditating doesn’t seem like the way to live your life, and meditation just becomes an integral part of your lifestyle.

This website features plenty of videos and information that can help you conquer these and other challenges.

What does the daily routine of a typical Sahaja practitioner look like?

Morning meditation, evening foot soak and meditation and at least once a week collective meditation. See a practitioner’s typical experience of a daily meditation routine.