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How we’ll get over the current crisis

Unmistakably, what we’re seeing today is the number one crisis in the world today. In all likelihood, all the email you’re receiving now is Covid – 19 readiness or news about the run on toilet paper and face masks. The world seems to be filled with dire predictions and gloom and doom.


As experienced meditators, we offer a more positive viewpoint as well as our insights and recommended strategies on dealing with the crisis.


by Shankar Ramani

How Sahaja Online transformed my life

By Charles Steck, New Orleans, Louisiana

Subscriber at Sahaja Online and avid meditator


Monday morning, its raining, and traffic is backed up on the interstate. I am running late, and the boss is not going to be pleased.


I hated my job, yet it paid well.


I reached for the Nicotine and the Red Bull next to me. The combination induced a simultaneous release of adrenaline and dopamine, which provided some short term relief from the fearful thought of getting fired. After arriving 10 minutes late, it turned out that the boss was not in yet, and a large contract that I had been working on arrived!


Life was great, yet…..


by Sahaja Online

The best strategies for good health

In our last two parts relating to planning for the next decade, we stressed on how spirituality and good health are the foundation of your success in this decade.


Today we share some very simple yet effective strategies for good health. Just about anyone today can give useful health tips, but we’ll try to do this from a unique perspective – one that ties your meditation routine to your health strategies.


by Shankar Ramani

Planning your success for the next decade – Part 2

We’re into a new decade now. In our last article, we made a case for how spirituality and good health are ultimately the two most important aspects in our lives.

Every other goal, dream, accomplishment or ambition falls in line automatically and has a higher chance of being realized once we become spiritual.

What if we all spend this new decade prioritizing these two aspects?

What would it feel like to establish your spiritual life and how might this journey look like?


by Shankar Ramani

Planning your success for the next decade – Part 1

The 2020s are coming soon upon us. We wish everyone a successful entry into a new decade. 


But let’s take a step back to introspect.


Where were we in our lives at the start of the last decade, the 2010s?


What was the quality of our life then, and how is it now?


What are the good things and not so good things that transpired in the past decade?


Another ten years hence, we will all be in a different stage in our lives and ten years older. The years we have left and the time available for accomplishments are all ticking clocks. Unstoppable and decreasing all the time.


What should be our priorities for the next decade so that we can reflect again in 10 years and ensure that our life is fulfilling and successful?

by Shankar Ramani