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Who is the Best Life Coach You Can Get?

Earlier this week, someone called me to market life coaching services. I’m a big believer in learning and the use of coaching, and not knowing what coaching this involved, I decided to lead them on, showing a lot of interest.


“This coaching will transform your beliefs, actions and ultimately your life,” the rep said. Then he spent about an hour collecting some information from me and trying to carve out inferences out of the information I gave to him.


He gave some references from an earlier coaching program I had attended and someone who I respect a lot. And the conversation continued until I discovered a valuable lesson about Life Coaching and how to get the best out of it.

by Shankar Ramani

Is The World Around You Stressing You Out?

A new Pew Research Center survey conducted in March this year found that a majority of Americans expect a weaker economy, a flawed political system and a general deterioration in the environment by 2050. The news cycles coming out are often stressful, negative and disparaging. We’re being bombarded by an ever-increasing stream of media reports, deceptive advertising and social distractions.  And all this is over and above our day-to-day responsibilities that we cannot do without. Retreating to the Himalayas or a cave isn’t an option; in fact, it never was a real one though many tried it for their spiritual development.


What are some special methods meditators need and use to survive this onslaught on our attention?


Let us find out.

by Sahaja Online

Behind the Rise of Meditation Technology

In the midst of today’s wellness industry boom, developers over in Silicon Valley are taking advantage of the fact that 18 million Americans now regularly meditate and are continually looking for ways to improve their practice. It only seems natural that the tech industry would latch on to such a popular practice, as it parallels the growth of mobile technology all over the country. In fact, software development experts at Maryville University explain how mobile innovations continue to dominate the tech landscape, with apps and gadgets cementing their place as an indispensable part of daily life. Through a variety of wellness apps and new devices being introduced today, more people are able to enjoy the benefits of incorporating meditation into their routines.

by X Babineaux

Can Meditation Change Your Personality?

The truth is that there is no definitive answer yet about whether we can change our personality. At least not as proven by scientific evidence. Despite offering one of the most powerful forms of meditation there is to practice, we at Sahaja, still will stop short of making any such claims that it can help change your personality traits.


We human beings are incredibly complex creations, and we were made that way by nature and God. And we are also the ultimate sophistication of awareness within living beings. Perhaps, God created us to establish an ironical truth that the personality and character traits of human beings cannot be predicted or influenced with a high degree of certainty by science or technique or human beings themselves. The fact that the divine itself cannot cross free human will is a testimony to this. In a way, we were built as the ultimate version of living beings – with maximum subtlety, complexity and free will.


Let’s examine, however, the extent to which meditation can influence personality and how we can take advantage of it.

by Shankar Ramani

Knowing The Absolute Truth about Yourself

Wouldn’t it be great to know the truth about ourselves? Not just an opinion or a belief, nor a result of wishful thinking or of insecurity or self-doubt, but the truth as it is. Wouldn’t it be great to know one’s strengths and weaknesses and to be able to rectify them proactively before they land us in trouble? Sahaja makes knowing the absolute truth about yourself possible through vibratory awareness, which is a sense of perception of our inner subtle energy system.

by Mar'yana Svarnyk