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Have You Found Your Purpose in Life?

Many of us try hard in life to achieve many things. We desire for things we don’t yet have, destinations we’ve not been to, or play roles and do activities we’ve not done before.


Uncannily, almost always, only a few of these wishes aspirations are really fulfilled. The rest seem out of our reach, to a point where we begin to feel that perhaps they were not meant to be.


Is that really accurate or is it just you?

by Sahaja Online

Every Day is Mother’s Day

For Sahaja meditators, this is an absolute truth to know. Mother’s day isn’t just one day in a year. Every Day is Mother’s Day.


Sahaja meditation works by elevating our consciousness to a new, higher state – a realm we can only reach by the power of mother-like feminine energy inside us – the Kundalini energy.

by Shankar Ramani

The built-in Instrument to Reach God – It’s not a Helmet

The journey of spirituality can sometimes be humorous and even comical. History is replete with all sorts of attempts by human beings to search for the ultimate and seek what might be beyond science.


For centuries, people used to go into some cave in the Himalayas, hoping to find God or the higher power there. Many used to freeze to death and others hung themselves upside down from trees, hoping to find something.


These days, the attitude towards finding God and spirituality remains the same but has likely gotten more sophisticated.


The God Helmet, laughable as it sounds, is one such experiment.

by Sahaja Online

Everyone is A Spiritual Work in Progress

Whether you chose Sahaja meditation for stress relief or to gain knowledge or for some other even deeper reason, it’s clear that the trigger of seeking inside you was the reason you decided to explore it. Spiritual seeking is built-in within us – our subtle energy system already has this seed or spark within us. This causes us to reflect and seek out higher purpose and self-improvement in our lifetime at specific times. Some of it is forced upon us by circumstances while the rest is up to us and maybe more casual, like developing an interest in something that ultimately leads us to a higher pursuit.


So, how can you understand where you are on this journey in your life? We thought we’d put up some key stages in this journey that we have seen people spend time. A lot of it comes from the experience of Sahaja practitioners on how their journey of spirituality panned out.

by Shankar Ramani

Meditation and the Unconscious mind

Ever wonder how we zip through periods of time during our day when we only recall beginning to perform some activity but only have a recollection of the instant of time when we’re done with the activity? Or only getting back our attention a little bit into the next activity that succeeded it? The reason for this is because a lot of our routine activities are being done by us almost unconsciously – we do them well and correctly and don’t even notice that we’re performing them.


The unconscious mind has intrigued scientists for a long time and they have come up with several plausible conclusions such as how the unconscious mind is responsible for our immune function and heart rate and how it fights any risk or threat it perceives to us, amongst many other things.


Close to 5 decades of Sahaja practitioner experience, as well as some of our own research, has led us to demystify many things related to the UnConscious, some of which overlap and resonate with what others have found.

by Shankar Ramani